The dashundergaps package

I have developed the dashundergaps package. Briefly, this package (located here and here on CTAN) aims at helping the LaTeX user at underlining a given set of words by either a line (using \underline{text}), dots (using \dotuline{text}) or even a dashed line (using \dashuline{text}). Various options were implemented for this. This can be used in conjunction with the phantomtext option, which allows the user to write a text with gaps, e.g. for a completion by students. These gaps can be completed with the real input using the teachernotes option. Please note that this is a really basic package. For more info on it, please look at the manual in the tarball. It is still in version 1.2 (v1.2).

The bib info of this package is available here. This package is currently under LaTeX Project Public License (lppl).