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Amateur rocket motor example - Robert Watzlavick's LOX/kerosene regeneratively cooled motor static test

Hello everybody ! This website is dedicated to amateur experimental rocketry; this designates the activity of designing, building, testing, and finally flying amateur rockets. I surely havevn't built the most powerful or sophisticated rockets out there, but I hope you'll find my work interesting nevertheless. It focuses on two main areas: hydrogen peroxide propulsion, and rocket active control. These subjects are quite uncommon among amateurs (but yet tremendously interesting !), so I'll try to share the maximum of documentation to help other amateur development of these subjects.

Amateur motor example: R. Watzlavick's LOX/kerosene regeneratively cooled motor static test ->

This costs a lot of money, don't hesitate to help me !

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All liability waived ! Rocketry is an inherently dangerous undertaking, especially experimental rocketry. I will not be responsible for any misuse or misunderstood information use in these pages that results in personal injury or property damage. Safety and the wellness of others should be your first and most important concern. Please make your choices and take personal responsibility for the outcome of your experiment. Protect your privilege to fly rockets by not making the headlines or becoming a statistic.

Last modified: August 15, 2007